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Ossur Custom Knee Bracing

Sport Bracing

For athletes or patients requiring support after ligamentous or bony injury requiring support to allow them to return to sport/daily activities and prevent further injury

Osteoarthritis Bracing

Used to unload the medial (inner) or lateral (outer) compartments of the knee that are arthritic and painful during weightbearing activities. Helps to prevent bone on bone contact which causes further joint inflammation and pain. 

Sigvaris Compression Therapy

Do you have tired, achy legs or varicose veins?


Are you looking for improved running performance with less soreness?

Compression therapy has been proven to improve venous return which can help your painful and tired legs. 

Our staff would be happy to educate you on the benefits and appropriateness of compression therapy for you. 

Compression stockings are often covered by private insurance policies when prescribed by a physician. 

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