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COVID - 19 Clinic Policies and Procedures

Physiotherapists and Massage Therapists are educated, experienced and regulated 

to treat you while protecting you from the spread of COVID-19.

As a hands on professions, we're well versed in infection control, hand-washing and 

disinfecting routines that protect Canadians and keep them safe.

Our Clinic is following the guidelines provided by provincial health, as well as our regulatory bodies.

(Adapted from Canadian Physiotherapy Association Resources for COVID-19)

We understand these are uncertain times where it is often stated that things will never be the same. As we all transition in to this new way of life, we want to reassure you that we are ready and have always prioritized your health through established infection control practices. 

The College of Physiotherapists of Ontario has come up with a detailed document for opening of clinics.

For further information on how we are regulated to keep you safe, our workers safe and ourselves safe 

please click on the "College of Physiotherapists of Ontario Return To Work Guidelines"

This guidance document covers;

In Person Essential Care

Hand Hygiene

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Booking Appointments

The Appointment

After The Appointment


What You Need To Know Before 

Coming To The Clinic


We continue to ask that you be diligent with self screening and should you have any symptoms that may be associated with COVID-19 that you reschedule your appointment unless you have been cleared by a negative rapid antigen test. 

Mandatory Face Masks

We continue to REQUIRE that you wear a face mask while inside our clinic. If you do not have one, we will provide you with a procedural mask. 

How To Navigate The Clinic


At this time we ask that visitors or family members remain in their vehicle outside the clinic unless absolutely necessary. If necessary the visitor is subject to the same clinic polices and procedures. They will not be permitted to remain in the waiting room and must accompany the patient to their private treatment room. 

Proceed to Marked Area

Upon entering the clinic you will see signage at the end of the front desk where there is a square on the floor directing you where to stand. 

There is hand sanitizer provided unless you have your own. Should you prefer to wash your hands instead, when safe our staff will direct you to the washroom facilities to do so.

Social Distancing Upon Arrival

Although we will do our best to coordinate appointments and maximize social distancing. There will undoubtedly be times when a patient may already be at the front desk. We have now have 3 waiting room chairs that are labelled with Numbers 1,2 and 3 respectively. 

Should you enter and another person is at the front desk, we ask that you proceed to the lowest numbered chair available. This will allow for social distancing. Once the patient at the front desk has moved, we ask that you proceed to the square so that you can be helped.

Getting To And From Your 

Treatment Room or Washroom

Our clinic has always offered Private Treatment rooms which allow for safe social distancing between patients. However, the hallway offers a more narrow space which we must all be aware of and act accordingly. 

We ask that you use common sense and when exiting your treatment room or washroom that you look both ways down the hallway to see if it is clear for you to proceed. If it is not clear we ask that you either wait in your room or walk to a safe unused area of the clinic such as the gym area where you can social/physical distance.

Use Of The Gym Area

At the direction of your therapist you may be doing exercises in the gym. Therapists will communicate and coordinate to ensure social distancing within the gym area. Any equipment used will be wiped down according to regulatory infection control standards. ​

Leaving The Clinic

When leaving the treatment room, look both ways to ensure their is a safe path to exit. If you do not need to pay then you may choose to leave the clinic and call to schedule a follow up appointment. If you prefer to schedule the appointment with our admin staff please practice social distancing until the square on the floor at the front desk is vacant. 

Much like entering the clinic we ask that you use hand sanitizer before leaving the clinic. Hand sanitizer is provided throughout the clinic for your convenience on the walls.


We offer direct billing for many insurance companies whose member policies allow. For those that do not cover 100% or they prefer to pay and submit the claim themselves, we sanitize the payment processing keypad before and after each use.

Should you prefer contactless payment, we do accept e-transfer at

Virtual Walk-Through

Enter clinic and stand in square if nobody is in it.

If someone is there, proceed to the waiting room and sit in the lowest numbered empty chair until the square becomes vacant. 

Waiting Room Set-up

Our Waiting Room is set up to maximize social distancing. 

Please sit in the lowest numbered seat that is 

available until we are assist you.

Private Treatment Rooms

You will be guided to one of our private treatment rooms when safe to do so. 

When exiting treatment rooms, please look both ways down the hallway to make sure it is safe to proceed.

Navigating The Hallway

We ask that you make sure to check both directions when exiting the  treatment room or washroom.

If a person is coming down the hallway, they have the right of way. Please wait until they pass until you proceed. 

Booking An Appointment/Payment

We will do our best to schedule your next appointment during your visit. If we are unable to and you may prefer to call us after you leave the clinic to re-book.

Wait until the square on the floor is vacant so we can assist you should you need to pay. We can offer contactless payment options in the form of credit card authorization over the phone or e-tranfer to

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