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Orthopaedic Recovery • Sports Injuries • Prevention & Supports

Orthopaedic Recovery

We treat musculo-skeletal conditions to patients of all ages for both acute and chronic conditions. We have you covered from head to toe with our knowledge and experience to help you understand your pain and assist in an evidence-based treatment plan to optimize your recovery. 

We are highly accomplished with post-operative rehabilitation protocols and treating nagging tendonitis' that often show up in our shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle. We also successfully treat neck/mid-back/low back pain, sciatica, headaches, post fracture immobilization, frozen shoulder and much much more!

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Sports Injuries

Whether you are a recreational  athlete or you are a highly competitive elite athlete we  specialize in assessing and treating injuries that arise in sport. 

 Whether your injury is acute or chronic we will assist you in understanding the diagnosis and treatment plan. Our goal is to get you back to your activity even better and more prepared than you were prior to injury.  

We understand the biomechanics of your sport and the patterns of injury that can lead to muscle balances that are detrimental to your performance.

After all, we are athletes too!

Prevention & Supports

Identifying risk factors and muscle imbalances is key to preventing injury. Whether you have questions on the right exercises to perform and the proper technique or you are concerned about your gait. We can help. It is always easier to prevent injuries than to treat them. 

We offer Custom Knee Bracing for mild to severe osteoarthritis to ACL braces. We also can supply you with any necessary orthopaedic supports and supplies including TENS machines for home use. 

We offer medical grade and over-the-counter compression stockings in all sizes and styles from Sigvaris 


Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide a higher standard of one-on-one client centered care that is effective, efficient, and proven to empower you to achieve your goals.

We want to be the first choice for competitive sport organizations, community members, orthopaedic surgeons and family physicians.

Success is dependent upon establishing meaningful client-centered relationships where the patient feels a part of the therapeutic relationship.

It is our role to help you understand your condition and work with you to achieve an optimal level of recovery.

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