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It is with great pleasure that we wish to announce the FITforeGOLF™ physical therapy and injury prevention program has arrived in your area. This is an exciting new international program designed to cater to the special needs of injured golfers. As you are aware, golf is an extremely popular activity which challenges players in a variety of physical and mental ways. It can also lead to some unique (and annoying) injuries affecting areas such as the lower back and lead arm. When injuries do strike, golfers are highly motivated to return to the game as quickly as possible. They also want to receive the most up-to-date treatment programs from physical therapists with special training in dealing with golf injuries. Peter Kostis and Jim Flick have both recently commented on the valuable role physical therapists play in working with golf instructors to bring out the best in golfers of all abilities.
The FITforeGOLF™ goal is to improve the health and fitness of golfers. The company was founded by a team of highly experienced and educated professionals in the area of sport medicine, physical therapy, sport science and golf teaching. The FITforeGOLF™ philosophy is not only to treat golfers more effectively, but also to educate them on how to prevent injuries. We have provided the CPGA golf research information for their education programs the last 12 years and the TPI the past 6 years.
Since early 1996, FITforeGOLF™ has been conducting training programs for physical therapists through-out North America, Europe and Australia. As a result of these programs, FITforeGOLF™ has licensed a number of special physical therapy facilities across the continent to provide unique treatment services which are at the leading edge of sport rehabilitation. We are pleased to announce thatReactivate Physiotherapy and Massage has completed the training and are now the exclusive facility offering these special rehabilitation services to injured golfers in your area. The fitness and treatment programs used by our Affiliate clinics are based on ongoing university research into golf injuries.
If you have any queries about golf injuries please contact our licensed FITforeGOLF Physical Therapy Clinic. If you would like more information about other services provided by our Company please do not hesitate to contact me or visit our internet website
Dean Walker, CPGA Class A
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